User Preseasoned Cookware Guide

hat is vegetable oil coating?
The surface treatment of vegetable oil is edible soybean oil which is sprayed after fine buffing and hand polishing the cookware, and then put it in a large oven with high temperature of 1500°C to bake and form a short - term rust - proof oxide film.

New pot cleaning and opening method:
1.Clean the pot body first, then heat for 1-3 minutes on the gas stove, turn off the fire (During the cleaning, we suggest use the soft brush and warm water to clean, yet scraping it with sharp metal utensils is not allowed).
2.Brush the vegetable oil on the inside of the pan body;
3.Keep the grease standing on the inside of pot body for more than 6 hour;
4.Then wash up with warm water.

Ways to Care for a Cast-Iron Pan
1.Follow the tips below to keep your cast-iron cookware looking as good as new each time.
2.Clean your cast iron-skillet immediately after use. Cleaning while it’s still warm will make it easier to remove stuck-on food.
Do not soak the pan. Prolonged exposure to water will increase the likelihood of rust.
3.Skimp on the soap. You don’t need to use soap to clean a cast-iron skillet, but a small amount of mild soap should not damage the seasoning.
4.Only use steel wool or metal scouring pads if you’re planning to re-season the pan. If your pan becomes rusted, remove the rust by scrubbing with steel wool. Rinse, dry, and re-season.
5.Use coarse kosher salt as a gentle abrasive scrub to remove stuck-on food. Just apply a small amount of salt to the pan, rub with a damp sponge, and rinse.
6.Thoroughly dry your cast iron pan after cleaning. Use either a dry cloth or paper towels or briefly heat on the stovetop over low heat, to prevent rust. It’s normal to see a dark residue on your cleaning cloth from the seasoning interacting with cooked food. This should disappear after a few rounds of rubbing with a clean, oiled towel, but isn’t harmful regardless.
7.Do not put your cast iron pan in the dishwasher. The moisture and detergent could damage the seasoning.

1.There will be several black iron shavings fall off during the early use process of Cast iron vegetable oil pot, it is just the plant oil layer of carbonized, and contains no any harmful substances.
2.Clean the POTS and pans after use, dry them with kitchen paper, or dry them with small fire on gas stove. If the pot get rusted, Clean it with the cleaner or sourcing pad, and then re-open the pot as the opening method.

Post time: Dec-15-2021