cast iron griddle pan double side 43cm

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Material:Cast Iron

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17 INCH CAST IRON GRIDDLE PAN: This seasoned griddle pan is ready to use and is extremely versatile. It has a 17 inch diameter and is double side griddle pan. The ergonomic design allows this cast iron griddle pan to be taken from the campfire or stovetop to the table, making it essential for every kitchen.

PRE-SEASONED COATING. itself has no coating and is made of high-quality iron made of No. 26 ore gray iron without any chemical composition. The taste of traditional iron pot makes it safer for you to eat

HEATS QUICKLY & EVENLY——Our grilling pan is built in a way that the heat effect spreads evenly throughout the pan and so the juices spread evenly and deliciously, and it also creates an extensive work area that can be used and roast many types of foods ranging from charred vegetables with BBQ, fish, chicken, steaks, burgers and special meats.

Cook your best food ever! Forget all those non-stick flimsy pans you have in your cabinets Use cast iron to cook with instead! It makes a world of difference in taste and your ability to cook food that cant be made with regular cookware.

Taste the way food was meant to be made! Cast iron is preferred by gourmet chefs around the world and its always used by those who demand perfection.

cast iron griddle pan double side 45cm (6)
cast iron griddle pan double side 45cm (5)

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1.The pot uses the oil of the ingredients to increase the non-stickiness of the pot. The vegetable oil pot is not sticky the longer it is used, and eventually becomes a super non-stick pot.
2. The thick cast iron pot has good thermal conductivity, is not easy to stick to the pot, and has a longer service life.
3. Cooking vegetables in iron pots can reduce the loss of vitamin C in vegetables. Therefore, in consideration of increasing the body's vitamin C intake and health, iron pots should also be the first choice for cooking vegetables.

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First,put product into a plastic bag to avoid the dust.
Seconed, put the product into inner box, set the block if necessery.
Last,put several inner box into a shipping carton. Usually 4 or 6 inner box packed into a shipping carton,or depends on the carton size.

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