Cast iron griddle pan BBQ grill pan with wooden tary

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Material: Cast Iron
Brand: OEM
Size: 14inch
Color: OEM

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Use on ALL Cooking Surfaces – Gas stove top, oven, induction cooktop, campfire; you can use Overmont 2-1 grill/griddle on any heat source. No sharp edges on the bottom will scratch the surface. Just do NOT use it in microwaves.

Cook Super-Fast – Food cooks much quicker than normal, heats up fast and evenly, meats will develop that caramelized crust you often see in restaurants. Pancakes, French toast, grilled cheese, steaks; you can literally cook anything and everything with ease. Great for meal prep!

Double Handes Design Our griddle pan provides a balanced, sturdy and comfortable double handle so that you can safely control a heavy pot, and you can easily pick up the pot with two hands and move it in the kitchen.

Easy to Clean A hard coating both double-sided protects the cast iron, prevent rust and make it easy to clean. The high ridges form perfect burn marks and allow excess fat to drain away from the food.

Multi-function Cast Iron Griddle Pan Cast iron griddle pan ribbed side is perfect for searing and grilling steaks, and others meats. Use the flat side for bread, vegetables, pancakes, eggs, etc.

PRE-SEASONED with EVEN HEATING -This universal grill plate pan is pre-seasoned for flavor so you can enjoy seared meats or grilled vegetables right away. Its cast iron surface slowly cooks to distribute heat evenly for chef quality meals anytime

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