Why do you need a cast iron pot?

Cast iron pot, it has a soul.For this kind of "iron soul", modern people have neglected the shortcomings of cast iron pots, such as the heavy weight, the need for maintenance, and the high price.
1. The cast iron pot is made of gray iron melted and cast with a model. The heat transfer is slow and uniform, but the pot ring is thick, the texture is rough, and it is easy to crack; the refined iron pot is forged with black iron or hammered by hand It has the characteristics of thin pot ring and fast heat transfer.
2. Cooker directly determines whether the food is delicious or not, and the chefs know it best. To put it simply, the food can be heated evenly inside and outside and cooked quickly. A scientific term is called "emissivity". The emissivity of stainless steel is about 0.07. The heat of cooking with this kind of pot can only reach the side where the food is in contact with the pot. The emissivity of the cast iron pot is as high as 0.64, which can fully heat the whole food. Take an example of stir-fried vegetables. Cast iron pots can cook quickly, make vegetables crispy, have less soup, and taste delicious without a spoon.
3. The original taste, because the material density is high, the lid is heavy, the steam is not easy to lose, the stew does not need to add more water, part of the water can be cooked with the original juice in the ingredients, which is why you use a cast iron pot to simmer a braised pork casually What, it's delicious enough to lick the plate.
4. Compared with ordinary so-called smokeless pans and non-stick pans, its unique non-coating design basically eliminates the harm of chemical coatings and aluminum products to the human body, while maintaining the nutritional content of dishes. Let the whole family enjoy health and deliciousness.
The craftsmanship of cast iron pots is very long. It has been used for thousands of years in human history. Generally speaking, iron is melted and poured into abrasive tools. After cooling, the abrasive tools are broken and taken out. For enamel cast iron pots, several layers of enamel are applied on the surface. The glaze plays the role of anti-rust, easy to clean, suitable for a variety of cooking appliances, and has a higher appearance. Compared with the various thin and light fine iron pans and the endless high-tech coating non-stick pans, cast iron pans have stood in their own way in the long history of history. Even the best non-stick pans have a limited lifespan, and cast iron pans can accompany generations of people as long as they are used properly.

Post time: Dec-15-2021