How to clean a cast iron skillet without damaging it

A cast iron skillet is a cooking dream, but knowing how to properly care for it can be really tricky
Taking care of your cast iron and knowing how to properly clean your cast iron skillet takes a little more love and care than you do with other cookware because cast iron is easily damaged.However, it’s also more beneficial for you to have it in the kitchen.
Among many reasons, it’s sturdy enough to last almost forever, and you don’t have to worry about scratches destroying its value.The good news is that owning and maintaining a cast iron skillet is not as difficult as you might think!As long as you know how to clean a cast iron skillet, you can easily enjoy all the rewards.
Cleaning a cast iron skillet is similar to knowing how to clean a washing machine, how to descale a kettle, how to clean an oven, or how to clean a stove—it’s really easy once you know how.But figuring out the right way to thoroughly clean your pan without causing any damage to the pan is key.
Cleaning cast iron skillets/pans only requires some expertise, as does learning how to clean burnt pans.As our steps below show, proper handling includes washing as soon as possible after use.
Then, we share tips for cleaning burnt food and how to keep your pans clean.Just like cleaning the kitchen, follow this step-by-step process and you’ll get the job done in an instant without breaking a sweat on the sink…
After a long, grueling day, it’s hard to resist letting your skillet soak as you eat dinner.Sometimes the temptation can cause your pan to soak overnight (we often do this with our best food processors or best blenders), but don’t give in!If there’s only one thing you need to know about cleaning a cast iron pan, it’s to do it as soon as possible after use, and don’t let it soak for too long.Your cast iron pan is not rust resistant, so if you let it soak it will definitely rust.

Post time: Mar-10-2022