2025 chinese two ear non stick round flat bottom kitchen cookware cast iron woks

        Panda Express is the fast food restaurant of choice for many college students and mall shoppers craving American Chinese food. The chain opened its first location in 1983 and currently has over 2,300 restaurants. Its menu includes chow mein, orange chicken and Peking beef.
        Just in time for Lent, Panda Express has a new pescatarian-friendly dish, according to Food Beast. Sizzling Shrimp Entree combines garlic, ginger, shrimp, broccoli, red peppers and onions in a savory bowl and mixes them with a sweet and spicy wok sauce. Sizzling Shrimp can be served with rice in a bowl, on a plate with other dishes and garnishes, or on the menu.
        The dish is now available for a limited time at participating Panda Express locations. Along with the food giveaway, Panda Express will also be giving away some mini woks to some lucky customers.
       To celebrate the launch of its newest dish, the fast food chain is giving away free miniature woks for one day, according to Food Beast.
        Made by Lodge, this double-handled cast iron wok features the Panda Express logo on the inside. These woks will be available to customers who order the new sizzling shrimp dish at select locations on March 9, in limited quantities per location. The Lodge sells a 6.25″ wok on their website, so the Panda Express version is likely to be the same size.
        A wok is a deep pan, usually bowl-shaped, with one long or two side handles. It is commonly used to prepare Asian dishes and is great for dipping a variety of foods into sauces, making it the perfect tool for reheating Panda Express leftovers or creating imitation dishes inspired by your favorite restaurant dishes.

Post time: Jun-30-2023