Cast iron round pizza fry pan with 16/18cm

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Material: Cast Iron
Brand: M-cooker/OEM
Shape:Round type
Color: OEM
Size: 16/18cm diameter

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6/7 INCH CAST IRON FRYING PAN. This seasoned frying pan is ready to use and is extremely versatile. It has a 6/7 inch diameter.
The ergonomic design allows this frying pan to be taken from the campfire or stovetop to the table, making it essential for every kitchen.

PRE-SEASONED COOKWARE. A good seasoning makes all the difference. Lodge provides pre-seasoned cookware with no synthetic chemicals; just soy based vegetable oil. The more you use your iron, the better the seasoning becomes.

Cook your best food ever! Forget all those non-stick flimsy pans you have in your cabinets Use cast iron to cook with instead! It makes a world of difference in taste and your ability to cook food that cant be made with regular cookware

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