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Material:Cast Iron

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11 INCH CAST IRON GRILL. This enamel grill pan is ready to use and is extremely versatile. It has a 11 inch diameter. The ergonomic design allows this cast iron grill pan to be taken from the campfire or stovetop to the table, making it essential for every kitchen.

A ENAMEL GRILL PAN:This enameled grill pan have heavy cast iron construction provides superior heat retention and even heat distribution. From heat retention and even cooking, to a porcelain-enamel exterior finish for elegant kitchen-to-table serving, and sturdy side handles for easy manageability, it can easily move the pan.

DURABLE CAST IRON ENAMELED: Our enameled cast iron grill pan uses 100% PFOA free, lead-free and cadmium-free enamel coating, and cast iron ecological materials, which is non-stick, anti-rust and anti-corrosion, easy to clean, and no retained flavors of food. The exquisite and beautiful cast iron enamel has heat resistance, cooking food can be heated evenly, with high wear resistance, the outer red enameled coating is, and the inner enamel is combined with cast iron.

HEAT SAFE UP TO 500° F: The induction grill pan is heat-safe even at high temperatures of up to 500°F.

Measure: 11” Dia  x 2” H

People say “Kitchen is a core of a family”because it is delicious and hot,It can warm not only your heart but also your stomach,and I also hope it could be colorized,then I wore a color coat,only hope there is joy in your heart,the moment when you saw me.

Welcome to join us and enjoy cooking!

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1.The grill pan with enamel coating,and easy to clean;
2. The thick cast iron pot has good thermal conductivity, is not easy to stick to the pot, and has a longer service life.
3. Cooking vegetables in iron pots can reduce the loss of vitamin C in vegetables. Therefore, in consideration of increasing the body's vitamin C intake and health, iron pots should also be the first choice for cooking vegetables.

Packaging Details

First,put product into a plastic bag to avoid the dust.
Seconed, put the product into inner box, set the block if necessery.
Last,put several inner box into a shipping carton. Usually 4 or 6 inner box packed into a shipping carton,or depends on the carton size.

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